Antiseptic To Your Troubling Septic Tank

Antiseptic To Your Troubling Septic Tank

Home, sweet home – they say. Yet, you know, it has it sour moments. Moments that make you feel worked up. Moments that make you feel helpless. Moments that make you wonder why home can’t be all hunky dory.

Take for instance, the necessary evil at most homes – septic tank. The final resting place for all your domestic sewage. The final frontier of everyday living, so to speak. A reservoir of pain, for it has to be cleaned every now and then. A repertoire of problems, since you need to burn the midnight oil, literally, and wait for lorries to clean it very often. A problem of plenty, so to say.

  • No need to call lorries to remove your sewage wastes
  • Regular requirement of lorries to carry the sewage wastes
  • Removal of sludge every month
  • Problem of sewage overflow resulting in unhygienic surroundings
  • Attracts flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and pests
  • Bad odour, making life living hell

In a nutshell, your septic tank is not just a physical problem but a mental pain of sorts. Also, a medical issue at worst.

You wish for a cure. You wish for a painless solution. You wish for a remedy prescription.

Relax, the perfect solution for your painful life is here. An antiseptic answer to your septic tank problem!

Welcome your home’s superman – Bioman!

Bioman will guarantee you a lifetime of easy and painless sewage disposal.

An innovative advanced sewage treatment solution that uses Anaerobic Biodigestion Reactor Technology (ABRT) that converts household sewage water into clear, odourless water. Treated water can be used for gardening or groundwater recharge. Bioman, non-filling bio-tank provides you with an economic and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment. It’s an Easy, convenient and painless way of sewage treatment.

  • Solid wastes made completely invisible
  • Treated water can be used for gardening
  • Doesn’t overflows, hence hygienic and safe
  • 100% natural
  • Doesn’t attracts flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and pests
  • Odour-less
  • Low running and maintenance cost

So, building a new home? Then it’s time to say goodbye to septic tank. Bring home Bioman, an antiseptic solution to septic tanks problem and make your Home, sweet home but this time without any sour moments from the evil – Septic tank.

Shift to Modern and Eco-friendly living and be worry-free and tension-free.

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