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India's First Non-electric Modular Concrete Sewage Treatment Solution

An innovative advanced sewage treatment solution that uses Anaerobic Biodigestion Reactor Technology (ABRT) that converts household sewage water into clear, odourless water. Treated water can be used for gardening or groundwater recharge. Bioman, non-filling bio-tank provides you with an economic and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment. It’s an Easy, convenient and painless way of sewage treatment.

Conventional STP Vs Bioman Bio Septic Tank

Conventional STP Bioman
Electricity required Zero power, runs on gravity flow
2-shift skilled STP operator No operator
Backup generator and diesel required No generator, No diesel
Motors, blowers and frequent oil change required No motors and blowers; hence no oil change required
24x7 noise pollution Noise-free
Risky if exhaust fans are switched off No exhaust fans. Hence no risk
Involves chemicals (Urea, Chlorine etc.) 100% chemicals-free
Sludge removal - daily/weekly. Sealed tank. No manual handing. Risk-free.
Dedicated STP space and operator room required Operator room not required; saves on space.
Sludge pathogen risk No sludge pathogen risk
MLSS monitoring; need to add bacteria on an hourly basis Bacteria to be added only once in 3 months
STP life just 3 - 5 years. Need to keep buying spares. Lifetime product
Bad odour Completely odour-free
30% minimum load needed to begin operations Even one toilet is enough to begin operations
Bar screen filter to be cleaned regularly No bar screen filter required
Can be accidentally switched off Cannot be switched off
24x7 maintenance required Maintenance-free
Installation time 1 - 2 months Can be installed within 24hours


Bio Septic Tank