Say goodbye to septic tank. Say hello to Bio Septic Tank!

Presenting Bioman non-filling sewage treatment solution. Easy, convenient and painless way of sewage disposal.No need to call lorry
to clean your septic tank

How Does Bioman - Bio Septic Tank Works?

Bioman is an advanced sewage treatment solution that uses Anaerobic Biodigestion Reactor Technology (ABRT) and undergoes eight stage process to convert household sewage water into clear, odourless water. Treated water can be used for gardening or groundwater recharge. Bioman, non-filling bio septic tank provides you with an economic and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment.


Smart returns for your hard-earned money!

Your investment in Bioman will give you returns within 48 months. And then a lifetime of peace and comfort!

Investment ₹ 95,000 ₹ 1,15,000
Year Conventional Septic Tank Sewage removal cost per year (in ₹) Bioman Bio-tank Operating cost per year (in ₹)
1 12,000 3,000
2 24,000 3,000
3 24,000 3,000
4 24,000 3,000
5 24,000 3,000
6 24,000 3,000
7 24,000 3,000
8 24,000 3,000
9 24,000 3,000
10 24,000 3,000
Total 2,28,000 30,000

*Calculations are approximate, based on various projects

How to order Bio Septic Tank?

Call Bioman - 73877 73877 or mail us at

  • Our sales officer would visit you.
  • If required, we would prepare a wastewater report.
  • An estimation would be sent to you.
  • Design and layout drawings would be presented.
  • On approval, our technical team will excavate the land.
  • Our pre-assembled solution would be set up within a short span of time.
  • Treatment process begins. Your worries end.