stp plant, sewage treatment plant

Non-electric,Compact Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Bioman is a revolutionary non-electric, compact and eco-friendly sewage treatment solution that is proven to be better than conventional sewage treatment plants. This innovative solution has no mechanical or electrical components and hence incurs minimal running or maintenance expenses.

With a low carbon footprint and long-life bio filter media, Bioman is an ideal solution for institutions to factories, offices to commercial complexes, high-rise apartments to high-tech campuses, hotels to resorts and more.

stp plant, sewage treatment plant

Easier to maintain. Easiest on your budget! - STP Plant

Capable of treating up to 100 KLD per day, Bioman is fully pre-assembled to allow quick and easy installation. It is housed in single or multiple concrete tanks with capacity to treat 15 to 100 KLD (50 to 1,000 people).

The system features sludge reduction by advanced anaerobic technology and its smartness lies in how well it works and how little maintenance it requires.

Bioman® has been designed to process waste water to achieve 95% reduction in both COB and BOD and meets the pollution control board norms.

stp plant, sewage treatment plant
stp plant, sewage treatment plant
stp plant, sewage treatment plant

How Does Bioman STP Plant Works?

Bioman is ingeniously designed to work intelligently. The right combination and dimensions of the modules make Bioman® successful.

Process diagram

1. Settler/ Equalization Tank

The settler is a closed tank consisting of two or three chambers
with 16-24 hours of retention time that traps a significant
portion of heavier solids and floating particles while letting
the rest pass into the following modules.

Stage -
Primary Treatment
Efficiency -
Maintenance -
Monthly inspection of wastewater flow Monthly removal of scum Removal of sludge - once in 3-5 years

2. Anaerobic Baffle Reactor

Consists of multiple chambers in series, connected with down take pipes. The wastewater is made to pass in an up-flow fashion, thereby establishing a contact with sludge blanket formed at the bottom. The combination of sedimentation and anaerobic sludge digestion ensures removal of suspended and colloidal particles.

Stage -
Efficiency -
65 - 80%
Maintenance -
Monthly inspection of WW flow Desludging every 5 years

3. Biofilm Filter Media

Consists of up-flow chambers connected in series, partially filled with Bio filter media. The biofilm formed on filter media traps and degrades finer suspended organic particles when wastewater passes through it. The pipes, specially designed plastic media is used for better performance

Stage -
Advanced secondary treatment
Efficiency -
75 - 90%
Maintenance -
Monthly inspection of WW flow Desludging every
5 years. Washing of filter media- when treatment efficiency reduces

4. Reed Bed/PGF

A shallow concrete tanks of graded gravel or pebbles and selected species of plants (such as Reed, Canna indica or Cyperus papyrus) to treat remaining pollutants by biological conversion, filtration and surface aeration. It can be integrated into the landscape.

Stage -
Tertiary Treatment
Efficiency -
80 - 95%
Maintenance -
Monthly removal of weeds from top Trimming of plants once in 3 months

5. Disinfection / Ozonation Tank

A concrete tank with disinfectant doser is used to kill bacteria, virus and other microbes in water in particular chlorination is used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases We can alternatively use Ozone as a powerful oxidising agent which will dissolved in water produces a broad spectrum biocide that destroys all bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Stage -
Post Treatment
Efficiency -
90-97 %
Maintenance -
Periodical filling of chlorine

6. Percolation Wells

Treated water can be used for gardening, irrigation, surface disposal, or toilet flushing when the above options are limited we can provide percolation wells for partial disposal of treated water in the ground

Stage -
Disposal options
Maintenance -
Quarterly inspection and preventive maintenance for chocking

Minimize your problems. Maximize your returns!

Capital Investment ₹ 30,00,000 ₹ 30,00,000
Year Conventional Septic Tank Sewage removal cost per year (in ₹) Bioman Commercial STP Operational cost per year (in ₹ )
1 4,80,000 95,000
2 6,00,000 95,000
3 7,20,000 95,000
4 8,40,000 95,000
5 10,00,000 95,000
6 11,65,000 1,30,000
7 13,30,000 1,30,000
8 15,00,000 1,30,000
9 16,65,000 1,30,000
10 18,25,000 1,30,000
Total 1,11,25,000 10,90,000

*Calculations are approximate, based on various projects

How to order Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Call Bioman - 73877 73877 or mail us at

  • Our sales officer would visit you.
  • If required, we would prepare a wastewater report.
  • An estimation would be sent to you.
  • Design and layout drawings would be presented.
  • On approval, our technical team will excavate the land.
  • Our pre-assembled solution would be set up within a short span of time.
  • Treatment process begins. Your worries end.